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A second phone for professionals and entities to receive premium calls

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Empower businesses and subject-matter experts to have their very own on-demand consultation platform.

InstaConsult empowers professionals and public figures with  unique phone numbers and Chatbot on WhatsApp, allowing them to receive prepaid on-phone voice calls worldwide, and allowing users to have instant, direct and premium communication with the people they want to reach using the simplicity of a phone call and WhatsApp message.

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How it works

How it works

Get a number
Activate via WhatsApp and/or SMS
Share your new number!
Start receiving paid calls
Start receiving paid calls
Why InstaConsult

Why InstaConsult?

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No downloads

App-less technology which is internet enabled services does not  need to download new applications.  All you need is a WhatsApp enabled phone number that accepts international voice calls.



The entire platform operates via official GDPR compliant WhatsApp Business APIs.

Accept incoming call requests, check your balance, and even talk to customer support straight from your WhatsApp.


Share in public

Share your new phone number, fearlessly everywhere, even on your Clubhouse profile.  We have got your back from spam and unwanted calls.

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Call manager

We provide an advanced call manager, customizable chatbot and human customer support, and payout integration through WhatsApp.

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Get paid

Time is money. Reward yourself for every minute spent talking to your audience starts from $1/min up to your preferred rate.

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Full control

Click here to add your own content, or connect to data from your collections.

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Yes, it's a SIM free number, but it’s totally yours, you can publicity share it, even on Clubhouse!

For Whom?


  • What is InstaConsult and who is behind it?
    InstaConsult is a US incorporated firm backed by a leading telecommunication services provider in Egypt, and being built by a diverse and talented team that brings experience from some of the world's top tech companies including Microsoft, Google and Lyft, managed by a multi-award winning entrepreneur.
  • Who is eligible for an InstaConsult number?
    Any professional above 18 years old, with a verified social media account on any platform is eligible for an InstaConsult phone number. Otherwise, we might ask for some docs.
  • What does this number look like?
    The number you’ll receive is a US or UK number, e.g.: +1 234 567 8900 .
  • Does given number accept international calls?
    Yes. the given number accepts international calls from all over the world.
  • How shall users request a call from a professional?
    Calls can be requested either by ringing a professional's unique number or via personalized link.
  • What should the user hear when calling an InstaConsult number?
    Based on his current location and your set preferences, he or she would listen to a recorded voice message from the professional or from our side explaining that this is a prepaid calling service and that if the caller would like to proceed with the call they should wait until the beep.
  • What happens after the caller approves the charge?
    An Automated chatbot, along with human agent through WhatsApp helps the caller to schedule a call duration and choose the payment method.
  • Are you using WhatsApp calls?
    We are not using WhatsApp calls. WhatsApp is used to send notifications and prompt both ends of calling flow interactions. All calls are regular on-phone voice calls.
  • Can I use this number to make calls?
    Unfortunately, you cannot use this number to make outgoing calls. Our numbers can only be used to receive paid calls.
  • If we run a business, are we eligible to have a number?"
    Registered companies in US, Canada, UK, Europe, Egypt, KSA, and UAE are eligible for an InstaConsult phone number. For other countries, please contact us on .
  • How do callers get charged for InstaConsult calls?
    In order to process an InstaConsult call, the caller has to recharge his balance using Credit Card, PayPal or other local payment methods like Fawry or supported mobile wallets.
  • How much will the user be charged?
    Professionals customize their own rate starting $1/min.
  • Who can use this service?
    Public figures, professionals, VPs, CXOs, counselors, subject matter experts, family therapists, healthcare professionals, psychologists, venture capitalists, public speakers, nutritionists, life coaches, content creators, publishers and authors.

Tel: +1(360) 383-5578

15127 NE 24th St  #795

Redmond, WA 98052, USA

111B, Farid Semeika, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

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